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    1531120210102098240.jpg  +86-760-88661950

    1531120209981070342.jpg  ocean6997@163.com

    1531120210038080899.jpg  Bihai Building, No. 47, Qufu Industrial Road, Port Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province 

    Children's play series

    • 兒童游樂系列
    • 兒童游樂系列

    Redemption Machines series

    • 嘉年華機系列
    • 嘉年華機系列

    Mechanical amusement equipment

    • 機械游藝設備
    • 兒童游樂系列


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      ABOUT US

            Ocean Amusement Machine Co.,Ltd. The original factory is located in the Seaview Industrial Park of the private science and technology park in Zhongshan, one of the “Top Ten Private Science and Technology Parks in China”. The factory has been relocated to the port town known as “Zhongshan City amusement machine base”, specializing in game amusement equipment. A comprehensive industrial company integrating R&D, production, sales and operation. The main products include Carnival series, simulation simulator series, indoor and outdoor small machinery series, children's riding series and other amusement machine facilities. There are many varieties, fashionable styles and continuous products....Detailed>>



      The foundation of business success.
      Down-to-earth, seeking truth from facts, starting from ourselves, using the dedication and love to reflect the "customer first" business purpose.

      The foundation of business success.
      Use our sincerity and sincerity to win the trust of the society and base ourselves on the world.


      The source of business success. We will use our youth and talents to create inexhaustible achievements and realize the aspirations of “industry to serve the country”. We will gain generous rewards while gaining knowledge growth and improvement.

      The guarantee of business success.
      We will cultivate a good team spirit and make progress together with each other.



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